Program Description

Building Social Emotional Skills

The Empathy Project (My Story) is an in-school program for Grades 3 & 4. It's designed to offer students the opportunity to get to know one another better and learn about the foundational role empathy plays in their lives.  

The Empathy Project (My Story) consists of lessons that cover the following topics:

  • Empathy
  • Emotions
  • Mindfulness
  • Communications (Active Listening)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Gratitude

Program goals are for students to:

a) understand the role empathy plays in healthy respectful relationships; 

b) become more aware of their own identity, feelings and biases; and 

c) develop verbal, non-verbal and on-line communication skills and strategies to support healthy relationships.  

Students are guided through a range of fun and engaging activities that introduce key concepts, and they are invited to share their opinions and ideas through small and large group discussions.

Our Virtual Program

A toolkit for educators

  • Video Lessons

    Each topic includes a number of videos. These include lessons, but also discussion prompts, debriefs and other instructional supports. Teachers can use the videos to deliver as much of the instruction as they want.

  • Activities & Discussions

    Guided discussion options are provided for teachers to conduct the discussion with their own students, and help them develop the insights and skills.

  • Structured Outline

    A structured program guide that includes check-ins, activities, games and check-outs. Teachers can follow along or use the instructional materials in their own lesson plans.

  • Flexible schedule

    Teachers can choose to complete the lessons at their own pace. All at once or spread out throughout the school year. It's up to you!

  • Fun & Games

    Our programs tackle heavy topics, but we do so in a fun and playful way. We use improv techniques and plenty of age-appropriate games to break down barriers and encourage conversation and reflection.

  • Social Emotional Learning

    Our programs are based on the core competencies: positive personal and cultural identity, personal awareness and responsibility and social responsibility.

My Story Lessons

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

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The Empathy Project is presented by...

Daniel Squizzato

Daniel presents The Empathy Project for The Circle Salt Spring Education Society. He's also a teacher, an actor and an improv-er. He's also a dad.

What do teachers say about our programs?

Katharine (Elementary School Teacher)

"...very engaging, interactive, meaningful, well thought out"

Elementary School Teacher

"...the beauty of it is it's standalone. But at the same time, it just also triggers ideas, and stimulates or creativity from the teacher themselves as to how this could be used."

Gail (Elementary School Teacher)

"...really accessible, really usable. And almost foolproof, that it was just such a lovely thing to be able to write in my schedule, "Empathy Project", because then I knew I got to push this button and have this conversation. And those are the kinds of conversations I like to have with students. And so to have prompts, and kind of a schedule to follow is great. The material is really easy to use, very friendly to the kids as well that kids loved."